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Pest-Control \"War Stories\" Series, p1

On Reddit (a place full of viruses and pornography), I had posted some "war stories" of when I worked as a Pest Control Technician for Terminix. They got an amazing amount of positive responses, so I'm putting all of them up here for the 2-3 spambots that hit my site to have something to do. Enjoy!


I used to be a pest control tech, and Mexican and Chinese restaurants are the worst, especially the "cheaper" quality ones. If the arcade machine is any indication of the restaurant, you probably shouldn't read this if you want to continue eating there without feeling paranoid and sick.

There's usually a layer of "grease" on the walls, especially in the kitchen. If you go into the bathrooms, you'll probably notice lack of care and/or unfixed water problems. One common trend is that there are a ton of dark crevices. You know what likes grease, water, and dark crevices? Roaches. The next time you're there, keep an eye out, and see if you can see in the cracks. What's even worse, is if you spot any roaches out in the light, especially along the top edge of the walls against the ceiling (if you notice groupings of black specks, that's roach shit), that means that the roach has ran out of hiding spots, since they're already filled with roaches. They like dark, damp, and heat. At night, they travel all over the restaurant, getting into any exposed water and food.

A fun trick you can try to check on your local restaurant - buy some small glue traps (it'll say for mice and whatnot). Set one up in a hidden spot, like behind the toilet. If you can go there the next day and check it, it should be clean. If there are any roaches (or even mice) on it, GTFO. Now, if you leave it there a week or a month, it should catch spiders and possibly ants...those aren't bad, and more common than you think (spiders are good!). It should NOT be full of roaches.

In fact, at the table you sit at, take a look under the table. There should be no roaches...if there are, there's a rather severe case of infection at the place. You can also check around the booth seats, and any of the cracks in the shoddy craft booth dividers. Roaches tend to stick by food sources, so they'll be in the kitchen, and to a lesser extent, bathrooms. If they're out in the seating area, that's really bad, I mean, it means they are overflowing from the kitchen. It could also mean that they don't clean the dining area very well - common occurrence to have them in the dining areas of buffets.

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