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Pest-Control \"War Stories\" Series, p2

Most embarrassing story? Yep, here it is:

Did I mention I'm afraid of heights? Yep, I was, and still am. I honestly can not for the life of me remember why I had to get up on this client's roof, but I did. It was a two-story house, so there was no way I could even get to the edge of the roof without panicking, and had to basically just sit on the roof and scoot around.

Wait I remember now, they had a wasp nest in one of the air-vent thingies up on the roof. The bastards were flying down into it and were somehow getting into the house, but the made a nest in the top outlet of it. Yeah, painfully easy to treat. Shoot em and run. Of course, it was toward the peak. The whole time, I'm scooting around on my ass, mind you.

The thing about roofs is, shingles aren't smooth. They're rough. So, scooting around on them, that's gonna cause some fabric issues. I don't even notice that there's an issue until I give the customer the invoice, walk away from her to my truck, and sit down. I feel the truck seat, so I reach down, and feel bare-ass skin. Customer never said a thing for following visits (however, she did say I was the best tech they ever had, since I got rid of the wasp problem haha).

One of the tips is to keep spare clothes in the truck, due to unforseen situations. Yep, this was a situation, so I drove off, parked the truck in a non-public-visible area, and changed my pants in the truck. The roof had shaved some skin off as well, so I had a nice scar that lasted quite a long time as well.
Ok related, and I swear this is just a myth-story told to pest control tech-noobs:

Tech answers the door, and a lady answers the door wearing nothing but a robs / nothing at all. Fucking lies, that never happened on my route.

We're not allowed to take tips, by the way. However, if you offer us water or food, you're basically Jesus in our eyes from that point forward. Skimpy clothing would probably not be minded as well, but I'm still convinced that's made up.

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