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Pest-Control \"War Stories\" Series, p5

I mentioned we service in the winter...heh can't believe I forgot about this one.

Randy had to occasionally ride around with other techs as part of his training - mainly to observe and write up reports about how we did service. I pick him up at 6am, and only have 4 stops on my list for the day. Shoot, we'll get this shit done in an hour, tops. The thing is, these stops are up in the mountains. As I'm driving up there with him, it starts to snow.

The trucks we are assigned are not 4wd. They're Ford Rangers from 1980 something. They have no power to them at all. Fortunately we carry chains, but we figure we'll put them on at the first stop (since we're almost there). Well, suddenly I have to drive up a steep hill in the snow, and make a left onto a sideroad up the hill. There is quite a bit of traffic coming down the hill, so I take up the middle lane, and sit there with my signal on. A rather large semi-truck pulls up behind us, needing to turn on the same road. Finally, and opening, and I slowly hit the gas. We're not moving. The tires are spinning, but we're just not going. Randy hops out, gets behind the car, and starts pushing. It's successful, but, we're now in the middle of the opposite lane, and cars are trying to stop going down a hill.

Randy turns on his Hulk powers and pushes us into the side road - a sliding car nearly kills the poor man, but he's running and it barely misses him. He's yelling "GO GO GO" as I go on the side-road, and I see why; the road is covered in snow, and goes up another hill almost right away - if I stop, we're probably going to slide back into traffic. So yeah, I'm trying to build up speed, and Randy is running as fast as he can beside the car, trying to catch up and hop in. We barely make it up the hill, and he says to stop in order to put the chains on. We hop out and get to work on the chains. Randy stops and says, "I think you pissed off the truck driver." I look, and sure enough the semi driver is cussing and putting his chains on his semi in the middle of the street - there is no way he can get any traction to pull onto this side-road.

We finally make it to the first stop. This is in a neighborhood further into the mountains, and the snow has been continuing nonstop the whole time. Randy helps pull out some of the equipment, and we treat as best we can around the house. This whole time we can't believe how awful this is going. I mean, it's really coming down. At the third stop, the snow has built up to be as high as half the truck height.

The next two stops are similar, but nothing exciting happens - just an assload of snow, shoveling, and pushing a truck around (even with chains haha). It's around 6pm, and the last stop is back down at a low elevation - it's a rough drive going down, but I swear, the instant we drop below a certain point, there is NO SNOW, and it's literally 60 degrees. The last stop is a self storage spot, and Randy sits in the back with the sprayer while I drive around each building.

He marked my report "pass" with no other comments.

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