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Pest-Control \"War Stories\" Series, p7

Speaking of memorable stories:

One customer had a dead and just starting to rot squirrel in their driveway. They wanted me to dispose of it. I was brand-spanking-new on the job, and apparently we weren't supposed to take care of things like that. Oh well, too late. I put it in a trash bag and threw it in the back of the truck.

At the end of the day, I remove the bag from my truck, and put it in the garbage can back at the office. I mean, this is a special garbage can made for disposal of hazardous things, so I figure that's the best place for it. I go on my happy way, thinking job well done.

Now, about a month later, during an office meeting, the branch manager starts telling a story about how the higher-ups decided to make a surprise visit at the branch, and how on that same day "someone" had put a dead squirrel in the garbage can. Needless to say, they weren't pleased (regardless, we were still the best branch in the region).

For my boss's birthday, I got him an emperor scorpion (big black thing). He fed it black widows. He also had a bug container that he kept black widows in (he collected them from jobs).

Oh yeah, one of his stories. He and his boss had to clear out a crawlspace of this really freaking old house. This place was bug-heaven, apparently. For example, they found an old roll-top desk that was literally crumbling. On opening it, a bajillion baby/spiders were exposed. Anyway, they had to clear out the crawlspace - so they remove the door to it (was inside the house I guess), and there literally wasn't a clear spot to go down; the entire entrance was webbed and had black widow spiders living under the door. My god, if I had pics of this, I would have so much karma...anyway...

They had to put on full-body suits, and just...well, jump down into it. I think they did the pyrethrin dust treatment - a machine that pumps out a ton of the dust, and kills on contact (preventative mainly). This thing pumps out a TON of dust. What it does, in short, is affect the nervous system, causing bugs to become overactive - that's a symptom that happens within seconds. So yeah, they're down there, and turn this thing on...basically have to crawl around the crawlspace and dust every square inch of it. So now you can imagine an innumerable number of pissed-off black widows crawling over these two guys. Fortunately the suits are pretty thick.

As you can imagine, when they finally finish and get out of the crawlspace, they're covered in black widows. He didn't say how they got them off, I assume their massive balls crushed all the spiders under their weight. Anyway, one of them did manage to get under his full-body suit and bite him on the shoulder. Left a nice big black-ish mark.

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