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Web Development From Scratch, Day 1

SO, you want to get started in web development, eh? Sure, you can crap out an html page and slap on a "I DID THIS" on the bottom, but that won't even start to get you a job, anywhere, unless you want to get ripped off by people on craigslist ("will pay in stock!").

Long gone are the days of working in notepad, ftping each file, and then f5'ing your way to success. We're in the future, now, so let's do things appropriate to modern times.

Objective: Really basic starter setup. I'll be leaving out a ton of the "more advanced" (from a beginner perspective) elements, and just get things up and running as quickly as possible. Note the date of this post. This isn't necessarily a living document, so yeah, things will change. Enough babble, let's go!

Hardest part is the setup. Good thing is, you only have to do it once (more or less lol). Follow this EXACTLY omg.

1) Chances are, you're working in Windows. Personally I work in Linux, but Windows is in the majority right now.
2) File Structure. Do This. Seriously:
3) Start -> Documents -> Create Folder: "Projects"
4) Go into that folder, and Create another one: ""

Sublime Text 2
1) Download Sublime Text 2
2) Install it, and run it.
3) Project->Add Folder to Project
4) Navigate to "Library -> Documents -> My Documents -> Projects". Add that one, not the subfolder you just created.
5) Now, whenever you create a new folder in your Project folder, it will magically appear in your file browser in SublimeText2.
6) On the left side, you should see your "" folder. Right-click on it, and select "New File".
7) Type in "I'm Awesome", then save it as "index.php"

1) Go to GitHub and create an account.
2) Go through Step 1. This will install Git on your computer.
2a) Add your SSH Key: Account Settings -> SSH Keys
3) As tempting as it is to use Git Gui, I prefer Git Bash. Since you're a noob and are afraid of words, we'll go through Git Gui for now.
4) Open Git Gui!
4a) Click on Help, "Show SSH Key"
4b) It's blank. Or it shows something. If it shows something, welp, back it up.
4c) Click "Generate Key".
4d) Press "Enter" for a blank passphrase. Again.
4e) "Copy To Clipboard"
4f) Back on, click "Add SSH Key"
4g) Title: Name it something like " Windows 7 (blank)"
4h) Paste the key, then confirm.
5) Click back to your account, and click "Create Repository"
5a) Name: ""
5b) Set as Public, and check the box "Initialize README"
5c) When that's done, you'll see your little repo box. Click it!
5d) Notice the contents "". Remember this, since you'll be accessing it tomorrow in the form of:

aaand that's good enough for one day. Yep, leaving you hanging here! Tough.

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