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Web Development From Scratch, Day 3

Hey thanks for losing my really long post I did this morning! siiigh.

After writing out a freakin' novel on setting up your environment for a basic MVC setup, I'll have to cut corners as I try t ...

Web Development From Scratch, Day 2

Ok, so, we got through day one. We used Git GUI to handle out keys, because for some reason the terminal part is scary. Welp, time to not be scared anymore. Technically you can use Git GUI for ever ...

Web Development From Scratch, Day 1

SO, you want to get started in web development, eh? Sure, you can crap out an html page and slap on a "I DID THIS" on the bottom, but that won't even start to get you a job, anywhere, unless you w ...

Find Match in Array of Objects

Short one today...

Normally, array_search() is awesome for finding a match within an array:

$array = array( "one", "two");
array_search("one", $array); //true

But, in dealing with an ...

SSH Tunnel

Mainly for my reference since I can't seem to remember exactly:

ssh -D @

Configure software to use SOCKS proxy:

localhost: OR usi ...

Sitemap XML Generator

Forgot I made this a while back...Ok, you know how there's "free" sitemap.xml generators? And you know how they limit it to like, 10 links? And you know how they suck?

Time to fix that.

[co ...

Guild Wars 1 Template Formula

So, using some resources scattered about the 'net, I was finally able to piece together how to convert a Guild Wars template code into their respective skills and attributes. The biggest issue I cam ...

Linux Mint 12 Auto Mount Drive


Here's how to automount a drive:

1) First, open up terminal, and determine what type of drive format it is:
sudo blkid

With a second hard drive, it'll most likely be /dev/sdb1 ...