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New Template

So far, I like how this new site template is working out.  I'm going for a minimal-functional approach with the style.  From doing the Flash site, I really liked the look of "quick posts", and in fact, I'm using the same database for these new entries.  It's easier for me to post.  Also, in regarding the flash site...I didn't get far.  That's because I found out that while Flash makes some pretty sites, it isn't fully compatible with everything out there - newer stuff, yes, but older stuff, no - that is, the majority of internet users don't have a way to view flash.  So, I decided to switch back to PHP for this site.  I'm taking a slower, more design-based approach.  I've also had to take the same approach at work - one site I was working on for them, I now have to redo in PHP...while it's "lost work", I did gain valuable knowledge from doing it, which is always a plus.

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