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April 1st

WELP.  On New Years Eve, I was in bed by 8pm.  April 1st?  Here it is 1am, and I'm still up.  YAY.

Normally (?) I'd screw up my site on the 1st, or make some random post on here about how I'm joining a monastery or something way out there like that.  This time?  meh.  How about I just sleep this one off, since I have a full-on cold right now.  Yeah, body is messed up all over, which is partly why I'm up at 1am.

Now that I think about it, I should have made a list of what I've done over the past years.  ooo...actually can't remember what all I've done...that's sad.  I've had some good ones!  I promise!

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Spring Forward

Time experiment complete.  err..."Time Change" experiment complete.  When the time change occurred in fall, I decided to adjust my clock, yet keep waking up and going to work at the same "time" my body was on (work from 7 to 4 instead of 8 to 5).  I did this all winter.

As of this morning, since the time change "spring forward" hit, it means that it was a success; I went the whole winter going to work at the "same time".  Here's what I learned:

1) It's fricking dark.  Like, pitch black.
2) People like to jog/walk wearing dark clothing during these times, and tend to do this on the busiest side of the road.
3) Leaving work at 4pm, it's still light out.  This avoids the "dark when I go to work, dark when I leave work" pattern.

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Site Todo List

New todo list...in fancy numbered code list, since I'm really happy how it works!

Code Sample:
  1. tag field for entries
  2. archive calendar
  3. auto-format anchor-href tags to support links.  Regex, probably.
  4. comments?  not sure I want to add that...

Hmm, that's it?




site update

Small tweaks to this highly ignored site.  Graphics line up and generally "fit" the look of the site better.  Also, test.

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New Equipment

Put my vinyl logo on my snowboard helmet...I think it turned out nice!

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Happy Halloween by the way.  My costume is a "killer whale"...I mean, it's a hoodie with cut-out index cards stapled to it.  It got a good reaction haha - I'll post pics later (edit: blatant lie).

I purchased "Torchlight" on Steam for 20$ - wasn't going to do it, but I saw an article about how this company went out of their way to make one person happy over a problem.  Just off of that, I decided to give the game a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised!  I never would have paid attention (or cash haha) for this game if I didn't see that article.  20$ for a game is a steal to beginwith...Review: "Buy It"

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How's this for a work week?  Main server goes corrupt, and there's no backups.  Well, there's a backup, but it's from February.  Tech support for the system has been awful, overall.  From being put on hold for over 4 hours (well, was 6 hours if you include the disconnect), their phone had some horrid distortion so I could only hear half the things the guy was saying (not like it really mattered once he remote-accessed the computer), and well, they didn't solve any of the problems I called in for.  In short, I restored from backup, and then reinstalled a companion program.

So far it looks like it's working, but that remains to be seen.

I found a super-really-awesome deal on REI Snow equipment.  I got a helmet, goggles, and day pack for...100$ total.  Separately and not on sale, they total out to over 250$.  WIN.  

I joined Crossfit in order to "train" for my snow trip in 6 weeks.  I have the gear, now I just need to get in shape for it.  My biking for 5 months has been a nice increase in endurance, sure, but I need other attributes worked on besides legs.  

It's been 2 weeks that I've been in Crossfit.  Total Weight Loss: -4 pounds.  Yes, I lost -4.  I'll admit my diet hasn't been necessarily good.  However, I AM getting stronger because of Crossfit.  Already I'm noticing increased energy and mobility, as well as being able to tackle warm-ups better.  Last night was a leg warm-up...it killed my legs.  Tonight is for "the other half."  That's the thing with Crossfit - it's a full body workout, in that it nails every square inch of your body.  I mean, I can feel it in warm-ups.  The 5-warmup (not sure of the name) consists of the following:  Air Squat, Situp, Pushup, Pullup, Back extension.  I forget the order, but once one loop is completed, my body is "ready" for the next loop.  That is, starting with squats, then cycling around the exercises, mid-way through my legs are just about completely "rested" for the next round.  I'm at 4x5 rounds now (started at 3x5, which I was unable to complete 2 weeks ago).  

I view Crossfit as a class.  It feels like college-level "training," in that I'm having a teacher show me the movements, and I apply and learn those movements.  I'm currently working on lifting (name escapes me - Burgner?), and those are some straaaaange movements.  I mean, lying in bed last night, I've felt muscles that I've never felt before - quite an odd feeling that I'm starting to get used to the more I attend.

The biggest thing is that my foundational "core" is being built-up.  This is commonly ignored by gym-rats, who go for looks, since the core isn't necessarily that visible.  Working just arms and chest may look good, but in practical use, those people are on the same level as someone like me, who can barely make it through a Crossfit warmup (at least, that's what they tell me!).  My "coach" guarantees that in a month, I'll be much stronger - I mean, I can't even do a pullup at this point, so I've made that as my first Crossfit goal.  Next goal after that?  To complete a Workout of the Day.

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The timing of things.  

Something happened quite often during the trip - since nothing was actually "planned" beyond "go to the convention on X days," we ended up wandering around and running across some things that would have otherwise been missed.  My traveling companion and I ended up covering most of downtown.  

For instance, one day we were riding the bus, on our way to an Archie McPhee store, and I wasn't paying attention to the bus stops.  We ended up 2 miles away, and we decided "screw it, let's walk."  We ended up walking through a beautiful park and lake, and after that, discovered a restaraunt with the best food ever made.  A double hamburger and onion rings never tasted so good - we would have never had found it if we got off at the right stop.  Several other occurrences like this happened all during the trip, and my friend and I met quite a few people that we would have otherwise had missed.  The path-not-traveled is more exciting than the main road in this case!

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Pets Gave Me Presents Too...

Within 1 hour of getting home, the cats, in a fit of rage, managed to knock a lamp off (breaking the lightbulb), spill water across half the kitchen, and spray cat-litter over the same half of the kitchen.  The dog was happy to see me, and didn't cause any trouble.

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