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How's this for a work week?  Main server goes corrupt, and there's no backups.  Well, there's a backup, but it's from February.  Tech support for the system has been awful, overall.  From being put on hold for over 4 hours (well, was 6 hours if you include the disconnect), their phone had some horrid distortion so I could only hear half the things the guy was saying (not like it really mattered once he remote-accessed the computer), and well, they didn't solve any of the problems I called in for.  In short, I restored from backup, and then reinstalled a companion program.

So far it looks like it's working, but that remains to be seen.

I found a super-really-awesome deal on REI Snow equipment.  I got a helmet, goggles, and day pack for...100$ total.  Separately and not on sale, they total out to over 250$.  WIN.  

I joined Crossfit in order to "train" for my snow trip in 6 weeks.  I have the gear, now I just need to get in shape for it.  My biking for 5 months has been a nice increase in endurance, sure, but I need other attributes worked on besides legs.  

It's been 2 weeks that I've been in Crossfit.  Total Weight Loss: -4 pounds.  Yes, I lost -4.  I'll admit my diet hasn't been necessarily good.  However, I AM getting stronger because of Crossfit.  Already I'm noticing increased energy and mobility, as well as being able to tackle warm-ups better.  Last night was a leg warm-up...it killed my legs.  Tonight is for "the other half."  That's the thing with Crossfit - it's a full body workout, in that it nails every square inch of your body.  I mean, I can feel it in warm-ups.  The 5-warmup (not sure of the name) consists of the following:  Air Squat, Situp, Pushup, Pullup, Back extension.  I forget the order, but once one loop is completed, my body is "ready" for the next loop.  That is, starting with squats, then cycling around the exercises, mid-way through my legs are just about completely "rested" for the next round.  I'm at 4x5 rounds now (started at 3x5, which I was unable to complete 2 weeks ago).  

I view Crossfit as a class.  It feels like college-level "training," in that I'm having a teacher show me the movements, and I apply and learn those movements.  I'm currently working on lifting (name escapes me - Burgner?), and those are some straaaaange movements.  I mean, lying in bed last night, I've felt muscles that I've never felt before - quite an odd feeling that I'm starting to get used to the more I attend.

The biggest thing is that my foundational "core" is being built-up.  This is commonly ignored by gym-rats, who go for looks, since the core isn't necessarily that visible.  Working just arms and chest may look good, but in practical use, those people are on the same level as someone like me, who can barely make it through a Crossfit warmup (at least, that's what they tell me!).  My "coach" guarantees that in a month, I'll be much stronger - I mean, I can't even do a pullup at this point, so I've made that as my first Crossfit goal.  Next goal after that?  To complete a Workout of the Day.

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