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Black Rock Shooter - TV

The last episode of Black Rock Shooter (tv) aired, and goodness, quite a ride.

I absolutely love the "other world"; great visual effects surrounded by action and fantastic designs by huke.  I've actually ordered his art book, which should be here next week - it's full of BRS designs, and comes with a figma, too!  For the other-world part of the anime, it's 10/10.

Then there is the "real world" aspect of the anime.  In looking at nothing but the reality part, we're presented with hyper-emotional girls and an apparently sadistic counselor.  In the end, everybody is happy, but the presentation just seemed to drag down the quality of the story.  Just this part is a solid 6/10.   Yeah, it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been.

Overall, the anime is a 7/10, whatever that means.  Since it's part of the BRS world, it's impossible to avoid comparison with the OVA; the same characters are used in the same setting, with a similar story.  The OVA focused entirely on the relationship between Mato (Black Rock Shooter) and Yomi (Dead Master), and I wanted to see more of the other characters within the world.  The TV series used the other characters, which I enjoyed, but the story in the OVA I felt was stronger overall.  The character designs had some minor tweaking, although Dead Master had more of a "wedding" theme with more green; the green is better, but the outfit in the OVA felt better (not to say I didn't like the TV version).

Again, I'm anxious for the art book to see if there are other renditions of the characters.

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Current status: Episode 3/12

Just watched 3 episodes in a row, and was taken back by a rather nasty twist at the end of this episode.  

From the start of episode 1, we're presented with a "ghost story," and we quickly figure out what's going on.  All is fine and dandy in creepy-anime-world, and then...expectations are suddenly smashed with a hammer.  Seriously.  It was surprising enough where I had to come to this blog and do an actual anime post about it.  No spoilers, of course, but I have to say, "Another" is a rather good anime, at least for the first 3 episodes.

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Gunnar Glasses

whew...ok, been wearing these Gunnar glasses for roughly 2 hours now.  After the burning sensation, weird color changes, and blurred vision, these glasses aren't so bad.